• Flea market purchase Brussels
    • Flea market purchase Brussels
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Illustration Agency

Wolphins is an illustration and graphic design agency powered by a number of creative hybrids whose characteristics correspond to the characters of wolves and dolphins.

Wolphins, creative hybrids

Just as wolves take tender care of their pups, wolphins care thoughtfully for their clients. Their nature compels them always to reveal their innate kindness and to nurture an atmosphere of trust & good feeling at all times. Always aimed at creating and maintaining amicable bonds, they show a remarkable capacity for building a strong attachment to their partners and to other fellow creatures.

Faced with obstacles or problems, wolphins will, just like dolphins, instantly deploy their extreme intelligence to find smart and creative solutions.

Illustrators & graphic designers

Let one of our wolphins face up to your illustration obstacle or graphic design problem – we will be happy to share a smart & creative solution that both you and your audience will cherish!